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Bitcoin Chart Analysis Feb.21

Facing resistance at descending line, as mentioned in yesterday’s analysis: “It’s likely that we see a correction or consolidation. We haven’t had such since $10,300”. Bitcoin had so far failed to break up the descending line. As far as we see now, support level at $10,800 holds at the moment, ...

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MAVRO ICO Announcement

The new MAVRO uses blockchain technology. Blockchain is a distributed database that does not have data storage devices connected to a shared server. All information is distributed among millions of computers, it is impossible to forge or remove even a part of this information. Each block contains a timestamp and ...

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FarmaTrust ends Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Blockchain technology is seen by many as a robust solution platform to various limitations that exist across industries. Its application in the financial solutions industry has been a vital key in revealing the inherent possibilities in the areas of data management and effective monitoring in the flow of information and ...

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Bitcoin Chart Analysis Feb.22

On yesterday’s analysis, we mentioned the option that Bitcoin is going to test the bottom of the ascending channel at $10,300 area. Right now Bitcoin is struggling to stay inside the ascending channel. Breaking it down, and the $10,000 support level, would send BTC to prior support level at $9,400, and then ...

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SXSW 2018: Featuring Women in Blockchain Conference

The first ever blockchain-focused summit to run during the South By South West festival is set to be held in Austin, Texas on March 12 and 13, with the topic of women in blockchain set to headline the agenda. Held at the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt, the CryptoFriends Crypto Summit ...

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Cryptocurrency Token Trend Grows in Business

In many ways, cryptocurrency tokens could well be seen as an emblem of how increasingly accessible, and efficient, cryptocurrencies are becoming in the modern world. Built on a pre-existing blockchain template rather than the original coding necessary for creating coins, tokens lend themselves not just to easy creation, but to ...

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ivyKoin – Banking intermediary for crypto owners

ivyKoin is a blockchain technology company with a solution to solve the anonymous nature of today’s cryptocurrencies so that the proceeds can be banked by existing financial institutions and banks. The company does this by embedding KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYT (Know Your Transaction) information into the utility token ...

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Market Update Report Feb.21

We had a positive, yet volatile, week in the crypto markets. Bitcoin’s price returned to the range of $10K and the Altcoins were following right behind. After a month of declines, the market seems to be stabilizing. We expect that a sharp rise in Bitcoin’s price will have a negative ...

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Sentinel Chain ICO Evaluation

The following is an objective review of the Sentinel-Chain project. The review is based on the criteria that we think are important for an ICO project to succeed. We measure a successful ICO by estimating short and long-term ROI. The following is not financial advice. Introduction There are more than ...

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